Social Responsability


Social Responsability

Pharmetique Labs is a company with great social responsibility, committed to a healthy environment and focused on the wellbeing of its employees, its suppliers, its clients and members of current and new generations.
Committed to the community, Pharmetique Labs works efficiently and transparently, supported by a highly talented team of people that generates added value to clients, consumers and healthcare professionals.
At Pharmetique Labs, we continue to work hard every day to provide more life and better life to millions of people.

Soluciones en Salud

Pharmetique Labs, participa en los mercados de medicamentos

Genéricos, Prescripción y OTC, y en Manufactura.

La Santé
Primary Care
Specialty Care
Consumer Health Care
Operaciones Comerciales

Pharmetique Labs se ha consolidado exitosamente en los mercados internacionales, teniendo hoy presencia en 13 países del mercado latinoamericano, gracias a la calidad de sus productos y a las acertadas estrategias de mercadeo.